peacockWhen I had my daughter, Ella, I was so busy coping with being a new mother of a baby who spend weeks in the hospital that I didn’t noticed that I lost my colors.
It was reflected in the way I have dressed.
My entire wardrobe was the same black pants and red shirts. I could not forget the red but I didn’t have any other colors anymore.

A friend of mine who is a designer was dressing up with multiple colors and prints. Every day she looks like art and beauty. And I could not; I lost my guts to say: “this is who I am” through my choice of cloths.
It took some work to dare to combine purple with pink and red, and in a shamanic way I have made peace with the peacock, the bird of many colors and no shame.

I know great people who are doing a lot for their families and for our society but they cannot show their beautiful colors because they were told that they Shouldn’t/couldn’t.
The thing is when somebody feels good and does show their true colors, it is INSPIRING for ALL OF US TO SHINE!! and that is another step of making the world a better place. MORE Shiny people!!! YES, YES YES!!!