Today is the 12th day, the first complete cycle of 9 that will bring me to the 108 days of my Journey Challenge.

Today something happened in a deep understanding that resulted in a new perception.

It is all coming together, Finally.

Today, I am awake to the power of witnessing that a miracle has taking place.
“a Miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love”

With great Gratitude in my heart and mind, I will continue answering the 4 questions, and move to the second cycle.
See what life earth and universe will bring.

What do I intensely appreciate today?

I intensely appreciate the magic moment when I knew the name I should name the new project and how like a domino all concepts and project fell into place.
I am so grateful a unity happened between my artist and teachers side.

I intensely appreciate Marianne Williamson took the journey to be the writer and teacher she is.
I am grateful I could see my new challenge as a mother in a new way.

I intensely appreciate my beloved and my family.
I intensely appreciate the people I chose to be my closest friends and that their wisdom is so vast and loving.
I am so grateful to my body, agreeing  to sit down this whole day while I was writing and writing and updating this site for hours

DM.FieldsofLightI am grateful to the part of me that always taking journeys to grew, smiling.
I am so grateful that the artwork for DubtiMystic, that was made by the wise and talented Natasja Pelgrom, is so beautiful.

I am so intensely appreciating the teachers and therapist that are around the schools of our children, all the wise and loving people that guide and love our children, everyday.

I am so intensely grateful to the opportunities to teach in other counties., and to people who support my Happy Goddessa loving message.

What do I need to Intensely Accept about today?

I accept about myself that I can be sometimes too fiery to the people I love and cherish and that I need to learn to cool off and learn to relax…. ye.. ye…ye

Was I intensely honest about whom I am and was loyal to myself?

OH yes!! I get the hang of it!!

What I am intensely creating and do I share?

I am writing more and I love it. I will publish more under this 108 days.

Conclusions from the first cycle

A deeper understanding of why I am doing the challenge. I do want to shift my emotional, mental, spiritual and especially my physical life to the flow of Effortless Manifestation. I want to sink into inner trust, faith in the lead my life in that effortless flow.
I believe that I need to add another Question; what miracle did I witness the last cycle? Or which miracles am I witnessing?