Week #1 of My Goddessa Journey Log

It Is a week since my birthday and the start of my Goddessa Journey. A lot has happened and all that I have written in my traveling diary is gone.
I have lost my green writing book and all that was in it and it is devastating.
Still, I have many books and I also write on my phone so the first action I will do today is to gather all of my writing in one place and formulate some decisions.
I wanted to do this project with a different energy. No more kamikaze energy. I want to learn to work with my Inner queen and inner king together.
I want to make a decision on how I am going to do this project and listen to all parts of myself in order to bring myself to a higher frequency of being and a better coherence between my bring and my heart. So here it is the definition of my project is here.
How am I going to do this project?
I had many wishes, ideas, and possibilities when I started but this week I also realized that if I would do it with a lot of “Have to” I will make myself miserable. I need to find the natural flow.
I took this question and I presented it to my inner King and my Inner Queen as balancing those two polarities in myself was a challenge I become aware of for since 1998. That cooperation is one thing I wanted to master by my next birthday.

In this part, I write to communicate with my inner queen and inner King.
GALITTA) Dear my Inner King and Inner Queen,
Thank you for coming together and helping create this sacred marriage after years of fighting each other. I am very aware of the magnificent qualities that the Divine Masculine (King) and Divine Feminine (queen) are bringing to me personally, to our world and everything that is manifested in life.
I decided to bring my inner process to light and to form so I can fully enjoy it and that it will hopefully help others see how they can bring themselves into a Goddessa state of being.
I am aware that it is uncharted territory and maybe will be difficult or even embarrassing for me to publically share this, but I am committed.
I am aware that I can fail by not staying accountable or not consistent but this is exactly what I would like to achieve: manifestation and consistency.
I am aware that the total balance, flow, and love between you two will bring me to a new level of mastery emotionally, mentally and spiritually. So I take this challenge.
Last week when I wrote to you and channeled your answers there was a disagreement of how we are going to conduct that Project, which I found amusing. But since I lost my writing notebook and that conversation is lost, I will not recreate it.
So Here I am presenting you this question: How shall we structure this Year Project in a way that is reflecting your collaboration and also easy for me to keep going?

KING) Last week I insisted on a rhythmic structure of the day, week, month and season and give Queen to the room to create. What I have noticed this week is that you have insights and inspiration few times a day but we get stuck when you are needing to decide where to put it.
QUEEN) for me the Social media can quickly become an obligation that castrated my peace of mind and creativity.

KING) I would really like to support Queen with my building and guideline that protects the Queen earth and water movement.

QUEEN) Thank you, King. I appreciate you coming towards me. I feel, especially after yesterday Healing session that I can create more space to trust deeper that I don’t have to fight to exist and that your protection is something I can rely on.

GALITTA) Your interaction is much softer than last week. How do you feel that the healing session of Yesterday changed the dynamics?

KING) You Healing session yesterday change a fundamental issue. In the first part, there was detoxification of shock and trauma that the Queen has carried In your genetic line. This was a major release of pain that accumulated for thousands of years and you become aware that this is one of your major life mission. We are becoming aware of the illusion of fear and release it together with restoring the Queen divine feminine liberation.
In the second half you brought the issues of not participating and avoiding healthy contacts with people and that is where I met my own trauma from my own leadership and responsibility.
Even though it was something I carried from other lifetimes, working with the child and the fear of commitment was very useful for me. Thank you to you and Indra and all the archangels that participated in this very important session.

QUEEN) I feel my heart has softened and expanded. It was many millennia in terror and much suffering. I am sensing how it is to live in the world without it. I will share my experiences as they unfold. The changes in Gaia and in life on earth are in keeping with this new liberation and I would be happy to find a way how to assist the process of everyone with sharing love and wisdom.

GALITTA) I am so grateful to you both.
Will our communication with the world change? And what would be the best way?

KING) This morning you woke up with the question; Where do you lead from the front or the back? Why don’t you try to answer this question for further insight about what is next for your communication and the community you are building?

GALITTA) Oh, scary.

QUEEN) Let me add that there is a King way to lead and a Queen way to lead and the best leaders who ever walked the earth (or the cosmos) always used both yin and yang qualities.

GALITTA) Thank you.
So What do we decide about How I do the project.

K&Q) We both commit to producing Project Log on Wednesdays, in writing, until you solve the video and communication issues.
We also advise you to log about:
What have I created?
What have I healed?
And What is my next challenge and focus?
So you can also keep track of progress.


What have I created?
This week, I created this project and started writing this blog and a presentation for the Happy Goddessa Live Tour of 2019. I am going for my dreams and that is huge.

What have I healed?
I have healed deep fears from truly showing myself in the world and fear of responsibility.

And What is my next challenge and focus?
I will take this new space and energy I created to stay focused on creating being consistent and communicate with my community according to the new fearless energy.
I am also going to find the right team member to help me bring my first course out, in new energy and feeling fully supported. Thanks.

This blog is part of my Year Project My Goddessa Journey.

My Goddessa Journey Project