I am suddenly challenged from all sides:My Ella  A 30 days writing challenge: I must pay a fine if I fail to write every day. Olala!
I will start another 108 challenge on my birthday. So scary!! I’ll tell you later.

I also have a regular life challenge to sell my house, buy a house, renovate and move before children go back to school.
And just because I really want to challenge you…. I made a Summer Happiness Challenge.

We all have a love/hate relationship with the fact that we need to stretch ourselves to grow and to do something

new without giving excuses.

It is in the air!

My girlfriend who never ever runs is practicing to do a marathon. (Go, Go Go!)
Another friend is going to take a chance on a new business idea.
So I am inspired.

Even my daughter is doing something she could never do before.
My girl has a disorder that prevents her from really feeling or understanding time and space.
So reading the clock, riding a bike or managing money will always be a bit of a challenge, but for me, even small things like crossing the road still give me a heart attack.

Now, she is 15 going on 16 and must travel back from school by herself.
Walking to the station, taking two different streetcars without confusing directions, and coming home after crossing two busy roads. This is her challenge.

Well, she is up to it, but I feel as if I swallowed a thick yakki frog.
That is my challenge.

The last days I wait by the phone and try to be cool when she comes home smiling and proud.
“I will not give her my fear”, I promise myself.

A challenge is good because we drag our little self by the hair and out of our comfort zone and tell the little smurf: “I challenge you to do this or that even if it is uncomfortable.

In the meantime, while our little self-drags its sorry buttocks from the bed and is kicked out, we are refreshing the bed and repainting the house.

When the little self-returns, shiny from the fresh air, everything is new and upgraded, and everybody, the little self and we, are happy.

That is the reason why we are going to have a juicy challenge this summer.

I know the magical power of creative questions to let go of some gray cells and replace them with rainbow, happier cells.

It is the coming out of a comfort zone, a routine or a dry old habit that keeps our brain and our spirit alive.

Now, after testing a Happiness Challenge with a lovely group of people (Hi Guys!!), I decided to make a new, much more practical challenge that gives you the power of the Summer season.

In the Goddessa Wheel to Happiness, we take the journey through the 4 voices that are the doorway to the center: loving all that is.Goddessa Happiness wheel

In the summer, when we travel to the south, earthy side of the wheel, we develop the body, physical voice and the outgoing expression and grounding.

Good stuff, right?


We have the whole year to transform ourselves and enjoy more happiness.

Love your Body:               Summer, Physical voice, Earth

Heal your Heart:               Autumn, Emotional voices, Water

Lead your Mind:                Winter, Mental voices, Air

Know your Spirit:             Spring, Inner voice, Fire

So…… drum roll, please….

 “How to love our BODY more?” free video series. 

Why do you ask?

When we love our physical body more and have a good relationship with it:

  •         We look beautiful and radiant,
  •         We give a boost to our health and make better choices with food
  •         We feel more sensual and express a positive body language
  •         We are happier and express ourselves with confidence.
  •         We feel more playful with cloths, colors and with people

And I want that for you, for your family and for the world.

Get access here