Is it timeExplore Somthing new

What are we to explore next?

Actually, there is two option: we can go IN, to the inner realm, the mysteries of the mind, our talents or the universe? or we can go OUT, other countries, cultures, unusual people?
A long time ago when I was young and restless, I met a woman in a Healing Tao class.
She was in her seventy, very accomplished and found life and people interesting to explore and discover.
She kindly asked me about what I am working on and when I started to wave my arms and tell all the things I was exploring she said: “Your generation is trying to do too much and pile up all these experiences all at the same time. Don’t stress yourselves out, life is long and your appetite to explore new things will never go away. Find balance and leave some uncharted territory for other stages of your life”.

That was an interesting thought.
Exploring doesn’t take place only in traveling to the Himalayas.
Exploring is not only an extrovert experience.
We can take the time to explore our feeling about a person and you will discover more about yourself then you can imagine.
We can explore your body reaction to some food and get to understand your body needs better. We can explore your creative talent by exploring and African dance or intuitive writing class. It is endless what we can explore, the only thing that matter is to wet your appetite and keep ourselves curious.

So what would it be for you? If you go to other outer on inner places please tell us?

This new moon in a new month is an opportunity What would you do with it?