The woman I am becoming
Just got up and left the swamp.
She didn’t ask
She didn’t wait,
She didn’t consult with anyone.
She didn’t need permission, advice or approval.
She just left the muddy smelly swamp of resentment, shame, and guilt.

The woman that you are becoming walked into the woods,
got fresh air and dusty feet.
She looked into the sun bursting through the treetops and felt free.

The woman we are becoming walks over the lush green hills
and arrives in a flower meadow of a nearby village.
She stands tall and smiles.
“I knew there are better places to be,” she says to herself with satisfaction.
“Whoo Hoo” she shouts to the wind.
The wind echoed back and whispers, “It’s good to be you”.

Galitta Tassa
April 2019