kindness, relationshipsA few days ago I talked to my father and I was amazed.

He was actually considerate, caring and he did something he never did before… Ever!
He showed an appreciation for me. OMG!!!

“He changed” I heard from my sister in law, who lives next door. “He actually care,” she said and we had to giggle.

She used to be the first person to volunteer to drop a heavy table on my father head… but not anymore.

I don’t know what happened? but starting to thank people around him, something changed.

Relationships are not easy to do. Actually, it is the hardest thing for our brain to do.

Since I was young I had great frustration to connect with my dad. He was never like other people and I could not get him to see me.

Then, while raising my daughter, who has learning disabilities, I learned new things and finally figured it out. My father has un-diagnosed Asperger.

He is a perfectly functioning person who has a serious autistic tick.

That explains all his weird choices, the disconnect and the things he says.

I tried to accept.

Then I realized that growing up with this kind of father made me an expert on how to love and communicate and my say “It is time for us to be heard! ” Was born from my own Journey to happiness.

So I started to be kind, be a peacemaker between him and our family, be respectful and show gratitude. Then something shifted, for the better for everyone.

If you remember, I gave myself a challenge of 108 days of appreciation. It did change my life.

In Goddessa Journey October is the month of Gratitude so I wanted to give you the four questions of the challenge.

Please, answer them every day for at least 28 days. You would be amazed at what is happening when you do.

Here they are:

What do I intensely appreciate today?

What do I need to intensely accept about today?

Am I intensely loyal to myself?

What have I learned today about loving?

Want to share your answer with us and be inspired?
Answer it RIGHT NOW 🙂

Walk with Joy, voice, and magic,