Years ago, when I was feeling broken, She came into my life and showed me the way.
When I asked her what is your name she answered: Queen Sheba.
That sounded funny to me.
It didn’t sound real as if she is a fiction character suddenly entering my kitchen and starting to make pancakes.
I do love adventure and at that time my life, my work, and my relationship felt in the garbage. so I played along.

Queen Of Sheba

Image: atlanta black star

Now, just for you to understand, my tribe is from the lineage of King Solomon and he is called the wisest king that ever lived. He understood and worked with a complex metaphysical understanding of man, nature, and universe. He was well traveled and learned knowledge from all of the worlds. He was a compassionate king who built the city of Jerusalem and established the temple that contained high vibration light to the whole earth and humanity.

Knowing all of those things, you can imagine I didn’t think I have the right even to address the big man.
But, when I connected to this energy one night, he appeared like a loving grandfather and told me that all humans are royalty and are deserving of asking and speaking to God himself. That was a shock because most of us who were brought up with a religious background were taught otherwise.
I am always to come to him for guidance.

He guided me to listen to Queen of Sheba, and meet that one aspect of the “big something”. That something was the Divine Feminine.
In the ancient books, Queen Sheba is mentioned in 17 sentences in the bible, new testament, and the Quran. Yes, all of those religions are actually all descendant of Abraham. But that is another story.

The Story of Queen Sheba traveling to Jerusalem and challenging the King with smart riddles and showering the king with rich gifts that were never being seen in Jerusalem is legendary.

When I started to read more about this mythological queen, I started to see something we are acknowledging more this days:
The contributing role of women, queens, and matriarch was played down in our written recent history.
Queen Sheba was, I was told by Solomon, a much richer and truly powerful queen and I should listen to her.

Since then I started my journey to get to know her better and to be connected with the rest of the Divine Feminine energy ( it is many muses, galactic healers, goddesses, and shamans.)
I got to know the ancient feminine force intimately. I say intimately because it is inside of me, my body, my thoughts, my heart, my spirit. She was in my mother’s struggles and in my grandmothers’ pains, in my whole family line and in the collective pain of every soul on this planet.

She has wisdom, healing and secret knowledge that went beyond rational and into the land of other dimensions. She was showing me how to heal myself, my life and to reclaim broken parts of my heart, mind, and spirit and to return to my essence. She was all that you will expect from a loving Mother, Healer, Queen, and leader.
My life was changed forever.
All of my creations and the teaching of the Happy Goddessa Guide are based on this Journey with the Queen and the King.

Now 21 years later, I can say again: It is time!!

This year the Divine Feminine force in the world is stepping up and it a good news for everyone women, men, children, animals, and earth. 
This is the shift we were looking for, this is the shift we are already in. 
I’d like you to look at what was and what is coming, with curiosity.

2018 is not going to get easier but things are going to get better. 
In this Audio, I talk about the Divine Feminine Role in 2018, especially in January.…

I wish you an amazingly fresh and empowering 2018