Amsterdam cafeDay 27 of the challenge of Intense appreciation to life

What can I intensely appreciate today?

I am so grateful for the Open Coffee and the morning writing in a lovely cafe looking at the water. I love my bike. I love the freedom Amsterdam gives me to get anywhere on my bike in minutes.

I love that it is a village/city full of water and that it was sunny today.

I love to bake with my kids.

I love watching a movie with my kids and I appreciate making a wholesome meal for my family. Thank you for the little things.

What do I need to Intensely Accept about today?

I needed to accept that duty calls and I had to leave my writing table and my creative happy place.

Was I intensely loyal to myself?

Yes, I was true. All the tears of the last days just make the in all softer

What am I intensely creating and did I share?

Yes, I do create. That is easy for me.

To share, on the other hand, I notice that there is room for improvement.