Set intention and writeIn the first round of this challenge,  The basic Journey challenge. 
I commit to:

Intensely appreciate what life is.

Intensely Accept all that life is given to me (for good and bad)

Intense honesty about who I truly am, (without hiding)

Intensely create and share my creation (with no fear or shame)

What can I intensely appreciate today?

Today is a new moon and the night of the new year.

It was not an easy day, but I feel Intensely happy about the work I did with the immigrant women with voice and dance. I am grateful for the love that I got and enjoying their inspired faces.

I am grateful for the good food I cooked and that my beloved prepared the table for 20 people.

I am grateful those beautiful friends came to my house with so much delicious vegetarian and organic food, so we honor life and earth, bounty and love.

I am grateful that my friend Dana made a ritual where we wrote our wishes for the year on a beautiful paper and we made boats. after dinner, we walked to the park and sailed the paper boats on the water.

I am grateful that Aliza who fell in the water (!!!!) was pulled out safely and the wonderful treatment she got at home with warm chocolate, dry cloth, and so much love.

She got from my beloved an special Dutch honors for surviving her first dip in the canal. I intensely appreciate all that is, today.

What do I need to Intensely Accept about today?

I had to accept that I didn’t feel physically good and that high pressure and the moon affect me strongly. I had to accept that it rained and the garden dinner party was out of the question. 

Was I intensely honest about whom I am and was loyal to myself?

Yes and no

What am I intensely creating?

The songs of our new EP come back from mastering. I didn’t create music today just a lot of good food 🙂

The word today:


Questions for you:

What is going to happen to your thinking and feeling, if you are going also to answer those questions everyday? Would you give that to your self?