Your own Journey

I am so amazed to see how life brought music and performing back to my life. Last year I did a major healing journey (step #1), where I looked at the painful truth (step #2) about the parts of my life that doesn’t work. Then I define a new vision (step #3) and an action plan for the new reality I want to create (step #4) All of that is well. I wish EVERYBODY reevaluate consciously and take charge of their happiness. Still, I was surprised to discover I was so so so afraid to have success, I was terrified it would destroy me. I had to dig into my belief system and change century old things, again! In the blog “keeping our Dreams alive” we talk about the dreams and how they change or get sharper with time. To some of us, it was a painful issue. Since then, I hear from some of you that you take the lead to make them come true. I am so proud!! What I learned is our highest dream will manifest, when we take fear and old thought/believe out of the way. If you still planning to do that, change your life, remember there is much support, in life and from the universe, especially now.

What would you need to start your Healing Journey? What hold you back? which part of your life, if improve, would give you most happiness? relationship? money? creativity? health? body image?