Quiet as a mouse Spirit Guide Course is in the air!

For years, it has been my pleasure to take people on a journey to lead them to the experience, the inspiration and the contact of coming home to their inner world, meeting themselves.

Some of the responses from these journeys have been:

“I met my guide and she was an old naive woman, I felt true love ”

“I saw my future, projected on a screen with the help of my totem animal”

“I feel so at peace and I don’t have pain in my arms anymore”
“I asked a question about my partner, and I got the answer I needed”

For years in circles, events and group Healing Sessions, I took people through these Sound Journeys. It was always very powerful, and I yearned to be able to bring this tool for accessing the deeper aspects of our consciousness to more people. These Sound Journeys are a way to safely travel the realm of the subconscious and connect with inner wisdom, guidance and infinite knowledge. This journey brings us into connection with our spirit guides, it brings us into communication with the neglected parts of our personality, it brings us into connection with our inner Goddessa. But first I choose to take us “step by step” to heal with our Spirit Guide.

And now… it is HERE!!

Connect & Heal with your Spirit Guide

Galitta Drums a Sound Journey

On Friday the 13th – during the eclipse my first course went live “Connect and Heal with your Spirit Guide” – Sound journeys and exercises to take a trip to your subconsciousness and meet the guide that is closest to you – your Spirit Guide.

The Number 13 is actually a sacred number

There is something I want to say about Friday the 13Th. We are led to believe that something is wrong or unlucky with the number 13 but that belief was given to us by the same forces that made us feel ashamed about our bodies and sexuality.
In many ancient cultures, the number thirteen is sacred. In the Kabbalah, it is the number that expresses unity. It is among the holiest of the numbers as it is closely associated with HaShem (name of God).
The gematria of HaShem, and of Ahavah (Love) and Echad (one) is thirteen. HaShem is Love is one.
To the Maya and Aztecs, the thirteen was sacred as there were 13 snake gods. To the Native Americans, the number 13 is the number of the earth, the mother of all.
To the native European pagans, the number 13 was sacred and was associated with women. Coming of age for young adults is at 13 in bar mitzvah (Jewish) and communion (Christianity).

Years ago I made an album called The Thirteen: the sounds of the 13 archetypes mothers of creation (Shechina).
Suddenly I had an Idea. Would it be fun to give the album and the as a free bonus to people who buy on The Spirit Guide?
A few days from now, I will let you know what I am cooking up.

My own recent healing with my Spirit Guide

Nothing in life ever goes to plan – I had planned to release it on the 10th of this month, but technical issues prevented me from doing so. This brought up memories of a similar time around two years ago that was very frustrating for me. I could see myself struggling these past weeks with this thing – relating to sharing my work with the world.

I am a big believer in reviewing the source of our triggers so we can move on and so I recognized this as an opportunity to learn, grow and heal.

I asked my Spirit Guides “Why does it have to be like this. My release date keeps changing and I feel embarrassed”

And they said to me “Have faith in your work”

And it was true! As I reflected I saw that even though so many things went wrong, something in me was saying – it’s all going to be ok. I didn’t lose my faith. I was face to face with my biggest fear, and look… I AM STILL STANDING!

Then yesterday a friend came to visit me. She looked at me and she said “Oh my God, I can see on your face that you let something go. You look younger”

I had to laugh as I turned 50 last week. I suddenly felt a sense of inner trust that this whole launch, this whole presentation of my first course, is in the hands of something bigger. The world no longer felt like it was sitting on my shoulders. I FELT what I intellectually know.. I am not alone in this mission.

Two days before when I cried I went to stand by the water and I said to the creator, if your intention is that all my effort will be to transform one person’s life, I accept, I surrender my will to your will.
And so it is, and I meant it… I meant it.

My biggest wish is to do the work of the Light (creator) and if all I need to do it is this, I accept whatever the outcome. I accept.

So now … my Spirit Guide course… as quiet as a mouse has come into the world!

Happy Goddessa Spirit Guide webinar

And I believe that energetically calling to the people who need these steps (to connect and to heal with their own spirit guide and open their own universe to the possibilities), that they will come.

Later that night when the smile on my face did not go away because I conquered my own fear, my husband said… “I am going to do your course”. So that person I wanted to support is already here. So my work is already done. It’s is done, it is done, it is done.

Introducing The Healing with your SPIRIT GUIDE self-study course.