Sound Journey with GalittaNeed to relax and forget your troubles?

Music, sound healing and travel meditation are a wonderful way to clear up our emotional and mental state.
Like water it is a gentle yet powerful way to deeply relax and let go.

“Sound Journey” is collaboration between Frank Mannens (Tibetan bowls and sound healing) and Galitta Tassa (shamanic journey and sound healing).

During this lying down concert Frank and Galitta will take you on a journey that will transport you to a wonderful state of peace and joy and take you to place that will nurture your inner and outer world.

The Sound Journey evening will begin with preparation of body and mind leading to a meditation journey to the 4 directions of the wind with musical instruments, a guided journey and the sound of a healing voice.

It is a trip!!

The evening will culminate with the opening of our voices to create one sound and ground our experience in our bodies and send a blessing to our planet.

Saturday 3 November 2012 from 20.00-22.00 in Fertile Ground Studio

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