The Sound Healing and energy forecast for August 2018

Watch Video for the Sound healing experience

Hello, goddessa, I wanted to make a video about the energies of this month. We are all going through some kind of transformation in different areas, so we all feel the intensity of the last months.

I wanted to create this circle for us.
Yesterday when I felt really, really sad (after realizing the truth about the stolen children of refugees), a chant came out again from the divine mother source and it was so ancient and so loving. It helped me to heal.

The chant made me realize that we need to connect to our divine mother and to our body into our earth, and to bring it into our lives. But also to heal the collective pain that humans feel.

It is intense, especially for sensitive people, when we see now the ugliness and corruption. Some of us are feeling what is coming, so I wanted to show you some of the messages we got for this month. We need to retreat and to build our peace.

I hope some of you will have time this month to realize that you can take space to pray and to heal, to go within, to practice self-care and creativity, and to spend time with people you love.

Self-care is the way to go

So here in the south of the circle, we have the energy of the Panda bear and the Angel of Balance, which is very interesting. She came here because there is something happening with the children of earth. We are starting to be aware that some unacceptable things are happening. For most of us lightworkers, starseeds, sensitives, mothers and fathers, it is hard to accept. We are committed to make this world a better place for everyone, and it starts by acknowledging that how the world is run is not working. We are aware of ugliness and injustice.

At the same time, we need to nurture ourselves with the kind of people that inspires us, books that inspire us. Read about the amazing things that are happening in the world, not only about the evil and the ugliness. Know that you’re not alone and we are all gathering momentum.

A change is coming, this year is a breakthrough year. Your biggest job is to focus on yourself, your own balance, your own health, your own words, what you say, what you do, how much you add to the collective.

What else can you do to be in alignment with yourself and to let your own voice being expressed in the highest and most beautiful way?

What can we learn from this monthly chant?

(after chanting)
Interestingly enough, while chanting this song, I really felt my throat getting very scratchy and hurting. It’s very interesting because the Amanda Ellis (archangel Metatron) bottle I chose for this ceremony was throat chakra.

I feel that an opening happened to the divine feminine voice on the Earth. We are on a path where her voice becomes the leading voice. It’s not yet there. There is still negotiation going on to find a balance between the divine feminine and masculine. So it’s like she is finding her voice how to be heard by us, by our world, in every man and woman.

So I would say that this month is also a month for you to search for a sacred space.
Be quiet and retreat to find your inner voice.
Find your feminine voice that says nurturing things.
Find your inner mother voice that is comforting to you.

Even if you didn’t have a mother like that and you cannot even imagine how it is to have a kind, motherly voice speaking to you about those changes you want to do in your life.
Practice this voice to yourself.
Say to yourself it’s okay.
Say to yourself you can do this.
Say to yourself I am doing this well.

Happy Goddessa Ceremony for Healing

The power of our voice to heal

We are going through a shift in thinking and in being by saying comforting things to ourselves and to people around us.
If you have children, use your divine feminine voice even more often. If you are a mother or father, I feel this is what has been asked of us, to realize that we are going through a transition that will be going on for years. Especially this month.

We also want to acknowledge our power to speak kindly. To know that by doing that we help the divine feminine, and love and light force gets anchored here in the earth.

Your body, the fact that you have a body, is so important for bringing light. So all of these old beliefs that you are not important enough, that you are not worthy enough, are not valid anymore.

There are no excuses anymore.

You have a human body and you have a soul and you can bring it here this month with your voice, by creating space for kindness and gentleness. It doesn’t matter how crazy the world is becoming.

Kwan Yin is a wonderful, wonderful mother to ask to join us. We have also here the goddess Bridget who brings much more fire even though she’s in the north, she is a strong power. We have the commander and we have the angel Charity, who is very feminine.
So I wish you all a wonderful month expressing your true self, your true voice in connection with who you really are.

And so it is.