Galitta’s personal story

“There are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle.”
– Albert Einstein

Once upon a time, in the hills of an ancient city, a wise girl was born to a family of artists, healers, and scholars of the sacred text. They all embody the joyful spirit of their village’s founders and still carried a deep love for the Divine Queen. They believed it was this goddess who have birth to everything that is alive.

One night, when the girl was only a few months old, the Divine Queen came to her cradle, kissed her gently on the forehead and sang one line of an old tribe song. “The time will come when you are going to tell my stories and sing my sacred songs, to remind us all of the secrets of the earth and of heaven.”

Only a few months old, before she could speak, Galitta was already uttering joyful sounds of music. Performing was deeply embedded in her being. Expressing herself was her natural state. She was born to bring music, to sing, to write, to dance, create art. And it will surprise you that at only 9 years of age she performed in front of audiences.

Voice problems

Galitta: “Self-expression is my lifeline to happiness. I used this my whole life to bring joy to the people in my family, my village and every community I joined since. In fact, it inspired me to build an entertainment business on those principles. But the irony underneath it all, was that this natural yearning for expression through singing came with a chronic hoarse throat. My voice had just a small range. I did not know how to use it wisely and forced myself constantly to bring that energy and joy people loved. I wanted to give. Share. But I forgot to listen to my own boundaries. When I became a professional performer, it wasn’t just that I got hoarse; I had severe throat infections four times a year. After I Learned that what was really underneath my voice problems, was a fear of performing. It taught me that my voice is not only physical, but emotional, spiritual and mental as well. Listening to all my voices, I was able to really develop my singing talent. From one octave I went to four. No more hoarseness!”

You’d think she struck gold with talent like hers. And who’s to say she didn’t? And yet a minor incident led to a major downfall on a personal level.

Pandora’s Box

“I was working on the biggest production of my life when at some point in the process the negotiations collapsed,” Galitta continues. “It may sound unimportant, or small. After all, it’s only work and negotiations can succeed or fail. But that collapse broke the dam. I felt like I had betrayed myself; had been giving so much to the point of compromising my own health. I fell into a million pieces, shattered my soul.”

That one event opened up Pandora’s box, revealing so much unresolved trauma that her mother, grandmother and other ancestors passed on from one generation to the next.

Galitta: “For two years, I went underground. I hid. I hardly saw anyone in those years. I now know I needed that journey within my soul to heal what had been engraved in my being for many years and needed to be let go of. During those years I was not thinking, even though I was writing all the time. I was not analyzing, even though I was processing all the time. I did not understand the journey with my mind; I was feeling it. Ironically enough, I later learned that the collapse had nothing to do with me not being good enough. I now know that I am an empath and I feel too much what others need or feel. If I am not careful I shatter my own nervous system.”

Search for Happiness: a deep surrendering into the feminine

That inner journey, however, was when Galitta met Queen Sheba and King Solomn for the first time. They represent our inner feminine and our inner masculine. Both are part of us as human beings. The question is, how do we let them both be, so we feel happy?

Meeting them was, in fact, the start of a search that focused around one simple question: How do we stay happy?

Those years of inner work inspired Galitta to surrender to the world of the feminine: healing, turning inwards. She discovered shamanism, Kabbalah, sound healing, Jung archetypes, mythology and other eastern and western methods.

Galitta: “I really went deep into this. Especially after I became a mother myself and nearly lost my baby three times before she was five weeks old, I became an advocate for the feminine. I went even deeper in March 2005. I was sitting amongst friends. We had gathered to eat together and humbly celebrate the International Women’s Day. The host then asked me to use my drum and my voice and to give a ceremony, we naturally created a circle of sisterhood. It was the start of becoming a host at many women circles, workshops and healing sessions. I began to understand our Inner Queen and being immersed in the feminine realm made my Inner Queen happy and content.”

It could not hold up.

Breaking the pattern: the inner king and queen as a whole

Galitta: “I felt two contrasting forces. My Inner King wanted to break away from the soft confinement of the Circle to explore the freedom of the hard line. For years I swung between feeling extroverted and introverted, between being commercial and nonprofit, of being too much HIM or too much HER. Sometimes my inner King ruled my actions and sometimes my inner Queen was setting the tone. I explored and dove into our feminine abstract subconscious world and would then run away back to the factual linear rational world. I was switching constantly between being in the Circle and going outside, in, out, in out, in out.”

It was in 2018 that Galitta realized how for all these years, her search for lasting happiness and wholeness, had led to this point: the point in her life where she needed to let her inner king and queen work together, not separate. Where she’d be the lighthearted artist, entertainer and motivator as well as the shaman. Where she’d work online as well as offline. Where her extraverted personality would work alongside her introverted part. That union would allow her to stay true to herself and bring wholeness in everything.

“We’re all constantly finding that balance within ourselves. Whether it’s a work-life balance or inner king and queen balance. The answer lies in the polarity itself. In embracing both sides and allowing them to work together as a whole. Only then can we be our true selves. That’s the key to lasting happiness.”

– Galitta Tassa

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