hands MudraI am a dancer again, I dance this days like I did before. I was always a dancer, daughter of a dancer. Somewhere I decided that I am not worthy of that title. When was that? I think to myself after a dance lesson.

Then I remember, it was after my daughter was born. I joined a small dance group, as I missed my performing life on the stage. I noticed I am not like them, it was not my cup of tea. I am more intuitive, oriental mover.

Child birth change my expression out of uniformity. Then the leader talked to me to say I don’t fit. She was right.

But my response was to disown that part of me.

We all do that all our life, let experiences, interpretations, comments, to cancel alive parts of ourselves.

Healing is Re-Owning all that we are. That is what I did today, walking in the park with my dancing shoes.