Holland nature

Happy Summer Solstice!

I was on a three days retreat in a little church village in Holland, just recharging my batteries from the last months.

I am so grateful to my beloved and kids that let me go and be on my own in nature. I appreciate their effort to manage without me in all the daily tasks and not calling me with wishes and questions.
I appreciate the space they give me to enjoy silence, nothingness, walks in the woods and bike rides.
I just came back from a bike ride to the near village.
Enjoying the fresh air, the green fields and the view of sheep and farmhouses, I suddenly got tears.
I said out loud: I see your beauty Spirit of Holland.


I decided to write to you all that I want to say.

I can see clearly now, how generous you have to be with giving me a place to rest, to learn and heal my heart, my life and family of origin.
Thank you for giving me the love of my life, the great city of Amsterdam that was and is my home all those years, forgiven me a simpler life that helped me to do, create, learn and experience all those years.

I am sorry I always treated you as if your nature will never match the Mediterranean nature I grew up and love. I have learned to really appreciate the air/water energy of you in the rivers, canals and also in the easy atmosphere of your city and villages.
Thank you for always accepting me as I am, doesn’t matter where I am from, what religion I practice, what I look like, what I am doing or what I already have done.


I am sorry I took you for granted: your ease and beauty, the humble unassuming nature

I also love in your people.
Thank you for giving my beloved, the love of my life, that have the same gentle nature.
Thank you for giving me his family as a second family when I felt uprooted.
Thank you for giving me the place to be and call my own for 25 years.
All these years when pieces of my heart stayed wondering in the mountains of Jerusalem, I could not see myself as complete in your flat landscape.
All the beauty, travel, vacation I enjoyed with you all these years felt as temporary, but no more.

I now live in your land longer than I did my own birth city and that is not by accident.
I was and am happy here.
I had the time to listen to all the generations of my family that came before.
In your land, I have enough space to give all unheard voices of my tribe, come into the light and be showered with my love and consciousness.


AmsterdamIn Amsterdam, I met and still meet extraordinary people from all over the world, most people like me who can enjoy the magic of the free city of Amsterdam to hear their own inner voice, their unique voice.

Thank you Holland Goddessa Spirit for being so pure and giving. Happy Summer Solstice for us all.