After running away from my family, for too many times and hiding in the park, it was clear I need a change and more nature.
When my kids started to say: “Oh mom is hugging the trees again” it was decided that we need more trees and water around.

The last few days we moved from our city apartment to a country house in a smaller town. My beloved, the kids, the cats and 28 fishes are happy.
One fish, Macho, didn’t make it and we gave him a water funeral. It was lovely.

I feel exhausted from 15 hours per day cleaning, but renewed.
I realized it is not only mama nature but also the fact that we didn’t have a TV or internet. (I am writing to you from the library)

I don’t see much news also, I read the headlines, then I pray for light to enter through the fear and bring more love to the physicality, to Earth and to each other.

In this video I really wanted to share with you an important tip of how to use your Mind Voices to bring more love down to earth, to your physical existence and body.
Don’t miss the end. I made it especially for you.

After you watch that video please share: what do you do to keep loving the earthbound life we have? The body with all its challenges? What do you love about it?

Love Voice and Joy,