Last year I had a rude awakening about the world of Matter.

Yes, the M word of Money, Manifestation and all that Jazz.

When you are a spiritual seeker, an artist or a adventurous dreamer, money is not so interesting… until.

So last year, I cleaned some believes I have about who I am and what I can do and looked at the financial numbers of my business. OMG!!

Last year I also realized that the black spots on my tong are very bad news, when my acupuncture told me that in 25 years he saw this only twice and that I kidneys have 5 years to go, if I will not change. A Year later, I start to suspect something.

Starting with loving our body? loving the physical world, can that improve our health? or being in the world? Will making love to “Living in a physical body” can effect how much we manifest our dreams in this world? Yes, I believe it can.

Looking at this issue can help us move to more love and more wisdom.

Did this question we have raised, on the Summer Solstice, opened a new way for you to experience your physicality?

It did to me, it set something in motion and some of the healing sessions and group sessions become about being able to be IN the body and manifest the life we want.

How can we connect deeper to our body?

What do we need to do love our body more?

What happens to us when we take action in expressing our love to our body?

I sent you this loving reminder, please let me know what is your experience, wish or tip.