Deer gentelness

What can I intensely appreciate today?

I intensely appreciate the fact I have a free time with family, no plan or schedule.
I intensely appreciate to be in nature and enjoy the simple power of trees, plants, flowers, and fruits.
I paint, finished a book and then I got a beautiful card of Deer, a symbol of Gentleness to remind me to intensely appreciate the journey I am learning about softness.

What do I need to Intensely Accept about today?

I had to accept my Monday blues and be easy on myself.

Was I intensely honest about whom I am and was loyal to myself?

Yes! and I am discovering that this challenge exposing me to how nervous I am to share it all.

What am I intensely creating?

I am intensely writing my next book and my dreams and imagination all around it.

What have I learned today?

I can have gentleness toward myself and it cleared up resistance and create a flow.

Inspirational Quote:
“only the weak are cruel. gentleness can only be expected from the strong” Leo.F Buscaglia

The challenge questions are:
Try it for 7 days :-)

What do I intensely appreciate today?
What do I need to intensely accept about today?
Am I intensely loyal to myself?
What have I learned today?