DSCN0743I was asked by two men who love to come to our Sound Journeys events.
“Why is the Club only for women?

So here is my loving answer.

The Happy Goddessa is devoted to men and women who want to connect to their power, take their journey to the effortless manifestation of joy, happiness and serve the world with their unique light. YEEE!
The local Club meetings, however, are only for women.


I love to teach and work, inspire and connect with men and women.
I love and honor manhood and the sacred power of masculinity.
I love my beloved, my son, my brothers and all the men who love jazz music or cheesecake.

The last years working with women and with myself, I became specialized in the special language of the ancient feminine to women of our time. I found myself exploring the deep layers of healing around the sacred feminine (in humans in general).

We, women, have to catch up on the advantage that men have in this world. We need to remember collectively: what is the feminine force about again?
We want collectively and individually honor the part of us that was demoted, unappreciated and even abused.

We can only hear our collective female voice, with each other, while taking our time to explore, heal and enjoy.

So beautiful manly men, Sorry you are not invited to our Happy Goddessa Monthly Club meetings, but we really love it if you wait for at home, but even better.

Go out, the same evening, and bond with YOUR male friends. ( i am thinking about my personal beloved)
Our meeting would be a magical union of loving.
As it should be.