About Galitta

Galitta Tassa is the originator of the Four Voices Framework, inspirational speaker and storyteller, singer and songwriter, sound healer and spiritual teacher. She guides men and women towards more joy, fulfilment, connection in their lives. By using a mixture of teachings and tools that reconnect you with your body, mind, heart and spirit (the four voices), she helps you to go from feeling unsure and restless to feeling whole and happy.

The balance of your inner King and Queen

Many of us yearn for happiness. Not to find it, but to stay in it, feeling whole and balanced. It was no different for Galitta and her story might shed some light on this theme. The polarity of out versus in, light versus dark, masculine versus feminine has fascinated her, challenged her, shifted her, shaken her. Whenever she allowed her inner King to express fully, her inner Queen yearned for connection and stillness. Whenever her inner Queen immersed herself into a deep dive, her inner King hungered for freedom.

Space for all of you

Recognize this? Recognize how you sometimes long for depth, going inward, but you also need power and going out again? It’s that balance we all search for. This balance is not a constant, though. Galitta gives way to both of them – in her life and work, inspiring you to do the same. It is that union that creates wholeness and happiness. It is when ALL parts of us are nourished and given space to exist, we can truly be all that we are. This is how we can Live, Love and Lead as a King or Queen.

This is how we can support you

The way we show up in the world and express starts with an inner journey. Galitta a true master of the art of expression, discovered this herself too. Now, through online programs, live events and performances, she lets you immerse yourself in sound, music, art, wisdom and so much more. It’s how you can experience entertainment merged with emotion and education. Go on a journey with us: a journey towards feeling happy and whole.

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