Time Tell the truth- BLOG

This week, I did what I don’t advise anybody to do. I watched a lot of news.
Because for years I studied the trends of our collective consciousness. In other words, I want to see where we are going. To do that I realized that the truth has many, many angles; every person, culture, and nation has its’ own interpretation.

Your Higher Self is the one who can see and understand all, as a whole. Maybe you will not believe me, but I am very optimistic about humanity’s future, even though we are seeing a lot of S#@% floating to the surface.

But if you look at life on earth from a few viewpoints like, ancient or historical, scientifically, globally, spiritually and even galactically, you see the future of the shift is actually glorious and very inspiring. But YOUWE, have a role in it, an important role in it. To own that power, we need to tell the truth. 

As the hard truth of our world is being slowly revealed, it is painful to watch the power of ugly corruption and greed but to have a clean slate and a new beginning, we need to see the truth, as it is.

It is hard to witness the immense suffering of the innocence and to let go of the illusions we held for some people and places, but to have a clean slate and a new beginning, we need to see the truth for what it is and love what is.

But the truth is also revealing a new, fresh and innovative power that is sprouting from the ground up, declaring to be the new and endless reinvention force of justice, equality, creativity, and community.
We discover we are not alone.
We are not alone in our vision and deep desire.


It’s time, to tell the truth,

Not shouting,

Not arguing,

Not despairing,

just telling the gentle, profound truth.

That love is everything and LOVE can conquer all.

It’s time to tell our truth.

We are longing to be loving,

to be loved,

to deeply love,

to share love,

to heal with love,

to start a new age of love.

It’s time to tell YOUR truth
about YOUR light,
YOUR vision,
YOUR spark,
YOUR inspiration,

YOUR source that keeps on loving
beyond the noise and the distractions.
It’s time to tell OUR truth.
We share a small voice of loving
that is wanting to grow and unite with other voices in a new song.

It’s time to tell our truth that a song is being birthed, a song of unconditional loving to all that is living.
A song of one love full of light and colors for now and always.