This morning I got a video message from a beautiful native American woman who is fighting to protect the water, the rivers and the streams from unreversible pollution.
She cried and then I cried, but….. I had an idea.

We can not let the ugly people win!!

Join me on an online event to bring Inner peace to your head and heart and together bring more light to our world.
The powerful new moon solar eclipse of the 26 of February brings a lot of emotions to the surface and some ugly things in the world show themselves so what do we do?
Medicate ourselves?
Pretend we don’t know?


We are going to take a SOUND JOURNEY to inner peace and synchronize our four voices/powers to ONE VOICE of PEACE.
we will activate our Intention, vision, Voice and Heart voices.

I have created a Sound Journey Mantra where I teach you to step by step how to use your voice to heal your heart even if you never sang before!! Ha Ha

It is called I Am River and is about the power of water, emotion to heal old pain.

You can join our Inner World Peace event even if you live on the other side of the world because we are going to do it virtually and physically in Amsterdam.

You can enjoy this wonderful class even if you can’t make it at 20.00, Because people who sign up will get the recording for 3 more days to learn on your own time.

If you want your FREE ticket  for next month, sign up here
join us, we need your voice and pure heart.

Thank you in advance,


This Month Meditation Would be available to people who signed up 3 days after the live event

Invitation to InnerWorldPEACE meditation