The wish to spread healing powers and inner peace in our world are taking flight.
More of us want to help ourselves, our families and our communities to choose love over fear.
Some of us are taking action. The basic action is to bring more light to our life, our bodies and let what we create shine from our hearts.

Thank you for your email and feedback ( also for those who didn’t manage to come live but sync with us)
We will continue doing this together, the next weeks.

In this Video, we sing a powerful mantra to help us come to acceptance of what life is. To bring love to what is here and can’t be changed. From this acceptance, we can start to create peace.
The mantra I created uses 4 Hebrew words.
Shalem – complete
Mushlam- perfect
Kadosh – holy
Mekudash – sacred

In Kabbalah, we learn the powers sound and of the letters to manifest healing and the world we live in. Sound Healing and YOUR personal voice is a very powerful instrument to change and empowerment.
Let the repeating mantra help you receive more and more light, to your mind, body, bones, and heart.

All the last InnerWorldPeace we meditated with Sound Journey to inner Peace. This time I invite you to sing with us and sync to all living things and to all Peace Warriors.
The InnerWorldPeace is based on The Guide to Happy Goddessa.

When you have done it, please share with me what you felt what you need and share the link to others who can be a peace warriors who will enjoy it.


Here is your Video.