In this video I wanted to share the new energies of this week, just because surfing the energies of what life gives us is a much wiser way to live, (instead of struggling). I am done with resistance, are you?

I hope that you can feel it and uplift your day.

I also share some of my EXCITING plans and share with you YOUR role in this movement that is happening.

Watch this video, to help guide you along this journey and tell me what you feel and think.

Spring is Here! Learn How to Listen to Your Inner Voice.

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I would like to tell you something….

But first I would like to start with a breath because I need one!


So let’s all take one big breath and center ourselves here in this body, in this time.


This morning I was doing a meditation with my guides while I was lying down in bed, trying not to get up into the day without having a moment of connection. The dialogue I was having with my guides was synchronized with my breath. On the inhale I was receiving, on the exhale I was answering.  It was such a lovely way to meditate.

Of course, in meditation, we focus on the breath, but to think about it as a conversation, where I was asked to receive and noticing what I was getting…. It was so lovely and so loving.

It is so important to practice allowing ourselves to rest in this receiving, this unconditional love. Because we also have such hard parts that don’t believe that we’re allowed to let this love in, this breath and spirit in.

It’s interesting because I noticed this week there are ancestors coming around us, asking us to dismantle, heal or release from our body, another program that they struggled with.  Allowing ourselves to be loved, to take the time to breathe.

How basic is that? It is such a basic thing to allow love, but it’s hard for us to do that!


Just pause

Instead of running downstairs as soon as the alarm goes off,  to take care of the kids. Try instead to take time just to stay one more minute saying, “thank you”, and feel the breath coming and going.

I just had to share that because I realized it’s such a wonderful way to be! I would like more of that!

Another amazing thing is that when you DO take the time to breathe and nurture yourself, with this practice of opening your heart. Of practicing GRATITUDE, thanking people and circumstance – You have an effect on the planet.

It’s not a joke!  You’re affecting.

let’s start with you…. You are affecting YOU.

You’re affecting the way YOU are;  how much joy, love, and generosity that you give. Goddessa knows it so important.

Secondly,  the effect that it has on the people around you – your family, your children, your partner… Just by looking into their eyes when you are in this state of mind, transcending all of the hectic mental craziness that’s going around and just sharing this heart energy.

We already know scientifically that it affects the field.


So what am I saying in short?

Take some time in the morning, just 60 seconds or more, before you even open your eyes to just smile, say thank you and then with every breath you take – inhale love and exhale thank you.


Allow a conversation, a dialogue with Spirit.

We also just had a new moon, the first new moon of the Goddessa year – the Springtime!

This is the time for the inner voice and the exploration of our inner world – allowing the seed of inner exploration to grow so we can express it in the summer. Just like a beautiful plant. It makes me think of the tomatoes and cucumbers I planted recently. It made me realize how life can be so simple and so joyful. I’m not going to forget that anytime!


So back to the inner voice…

We can access our inner voice by doing a shamanic sound journey that takes us into the realms of our unconscious. We can heal things there. We can meet aspects of ourselves there. We can enter our Inner Kingdom and have any of our questions answered.


Happy Goddessa Spirit GuideSpirit Guides

So I wrote lately about meeting my spirit guide – my beloved personal spirit guide.

We all have more than just one spirit guide. You actually have a whole army of support. I hope you know that! There are entities that we call angels (it does not have to have a religious connotation) and there are different ways of understanding the other dimensions that are next to us.

Our personal spirit guide can fundamentally change your life. When you make a connection to this energy that is closest to you – all it wants to do is support you, and it is there for you all the time. It ’s a joy.

It gives you the bigger picture of what life. It returns you to your purpose and what’s really important. And sometimes it can really help to quiet the monkey mind that can go mad with worry, fear and all the stuff that brews under the surface (that just wants to be looked at and be healed).


A program to help you connect with your Spirit Guide

I’m making a little program that will take you on a loving shamanic sound journey to meet your spirit guide. In the peace of your own home, put your headphones on, and take a journey with me to learn its name and ask questions. Begin to build a relationship!


Since 1993 I have been doing this.  Everything I do, being creative, writing, composing, parenting, cooking… anything that’s express the soul, the real YOU is so ENJOYABLE when you do it with your own guide.  I have also experienced so much humor!

An Invitation

I would like to invite you to bring this tuning inwards to your spirit guide into your practice. Not only when you get up in the morning, but at any moment of the day and any interaction, you have, in any challenge that you experience. Practice calling those forces of your guys up, your angels, your ancestors or your teachers.

Learning to work with your inner universe, you’re inner kingdom this very powerful!

I will say this until the day I die because only living in the third dimension is empty. There is not enough expansion and joy without our inner world. A person has to get to know their subconscious world.  Get to know the other rooms of the ‘inner castle’ where you live. Don’t stay your whole life in a little room of “irrational thinking”. This room is too small and limited. It’s wonderful and it has its role, but it’s not the only one.

We are connected to Spirit

We are connecting to our own self-spirits, and we are working on something that’s called meet your spirit guide.

I’m so excited about this step by step guide to reaching your spirit guide – it’s coming soon.

But there is more to come! I am also planning on making guides to help you meet your totem animal and another to meet your Muse to help you expand your creativity. Our inner world is giant, enormous,  ginormous and gorgeous.


Stay awake!

I want you to stay awake, stay alive and wake yourself up in the morning, and realize that the chaos that seems to be outside – it’s just sprouting the energy of the old that is dying and the new that is coming. And you are the NEW! You and your unique power, unique DNA, unique contribution and unique soul purpose. Even if it is just to bring your own healing to yourself.


It’s already a huge contribution if you can heal yourself and not be busy with the world at all, only bringing yourself into more alignment with love. This is important. And that’s why every one of us needs to connect to our own inner world, to the spirit, to our soul, and see what’s out there. It’s an adventure that’s worth taking.


Let’s take another breath

I’m getting excited when I talk about this stuff.

The inner voice is a voice that we listen to and when it’s connected to the physical voice, then you get this wonderful mantra and singing and connecting with spirit through voice.

Oh but that’s is for the summer season!

So until then, stay awake, fully alive and expand the possibilities with your breath and your voice, with your heart, your Body, your Spirit in your Mind.


Ken Yehi Razon