bird an hands

What do I intensely appreciate today?

Today I found myself blessing again, nature, trees, space, fresh air and the insight I had into my writing and drawing.
I also bless and intensely appreciate the opportunity I had to heal.

While I was drawing my Goddessa Guiding Star to Happiness ( I guess that should be the name of it 😉 I heard a strong bang on the window and I screamed.
I then saw a bird lying on the floor with heavy breathing and in total shock.

I called my beloved, as I am a woos…
He came and picked her up and we both were grateful the kids are in the pool and can’t see this sad situation.

Then I felt that I should practice Theta healing on her and try to help her recover.
I took her from my beloved hands and enveloped her body in my hands.
I could feel her heart beating hard and also her head, she opens her beak and closed her eyes.
“That is it, she is dying” said, my beloved
“No, I can feel her heart”.
Then she opened her eyes and I heard her heart beat less strong.
I tuned into healing and asked that if she is to die that it would be peaceful and fast.

Then I saw her in my mind eye flying and I asked is it what I wish or what will happen?
I then anchored myself to earth even deeper, called all guides and angels and connected to Source even more clearly.

I had the feeling that it is my test. I accepted all outcome.
I sang a song softly and I felt a bit silly. She was still motionless in my hands.
My beloved came closer, and we both looked at her sadly then suddenly she jumped and flew into the tree, just as I saw a minute before.
Happy day, I feel I got my confirmation, in practicing Theta healing.

What do I need to Intensely Accept about today?

Sometimes I am in a different space and tempo than my beloved and it is hard for me to accept.

Was I loyal to myself, today?

Yes, today more then normal I had to stay loyal. I stay loyal to my inspiration and don’t let other people bad mood, negativity or complaining to move me from my happiness. I am not going to slow myself down.

What I have learned today?

I learned that I can heal instantly and that it is time to trust it.

Question for you: 
Did you have an opportunity to heal this week?
Heal yourself? heal a situation? heal your child? or an animal?