Sometimes my body has to work hard to accept reality and catch up with my spirit. Do you sometimes get frustrated with your reality and circumstances and don’t know how to start? In order to grow to your full bloom, you need to use all of what you have, all your powers, your legs, your guts, your voice, your heart and your head. I mean both sides of it the left side, that one that we are familiar with, and the right brain which we are now discovering, the female aspect where emotion and intuition are nestled. I believe that we need to incorporate and use all of it to become great individuals. We can be conscious and activate both sides of the brain, both hands, both feet on the ground. In order for us to fulfill our full potential as individuals and as humanity, we need to bring to the table EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. The intellectual and the instinctive, The old and the young, The extrovert and the introvert, The east and the west, The light and the dark, The joy and the painful, The male and the female, Everything you are.