SpringI found myself looking at girls in the way older women used to look at me long ago, with a mix of charm and astonishment at the daring spirit.

I was not always charmed; somewhere it was painful.

When you are young, you believe that you will always be free. That makes you vulnerable, but you don’t know that because you are clueless at the time. That makes the spirit of the young also so powerful. We should cherish that in our girls and boys.

I also remember when it was painful and hit me like a wall of bricks. It was after I gave birth to my daughter and after months of pregnancy, devastating birth and weeks in hospitals I had a few hours to do something in the city. It was one of those moments that suddenly moved in slow motion. A young woman walked past me carrying a big bag with a low cut jeans, talking loudly on her mobile phone.

I had a flash of my exciting life before the world fell on my head. A little girl voice inside my head said:” I used to be like that”. And I can tell you now that she meant  care free, confidant, happily clueless.

Bringing me into health in body and spirit was my journey of growth, as it is for everyone after a crisis.

One of the moments I decided to follow the new line was when we were on a vacation with our little daughter of 16 months. She was running around, charming every one and I realized “I have to move from the role of the princess and take on the place of a queen – make room for my daughter to enjoy her new place.

When I look around me, in our western culture, the first stage of the Maiden/ girl/ princess, is a bit crowded. We women need to move our fluffy butts to the next stage very easily. We try to hold on to something new and keep the dancing value; let it become fresh and vibrating new relationship to our Body.

Somehow we got tricked in believing that becoming a Queen is a bad thing. Avoiding letting go of one form to evolve to another creates unnecessary stagnation.

Still, with all of the pleasure of encouraging young things to grow, I also seem happily clueless to other, more evolved women. When they take the time to share with me their wisdom and tease me about  my own clueless-ness, I am very grateful and I want to pass it forward.