My Goddessa Journey Project

I want to start a new journey that will help me bring myself to the next level.
Ohhh, I scared I am from this commitment….
Am I a serial initiative taker?
or shall I just follow my artistic urges?
What I really want for myself?
My year journey to return fully to my true self and be all that I am with no hiding or shrinking.
A year that I allow myself to spread my creative wings and allow explosiveness, with no hiding or shrinking.
A year where I am not holding back, trying to fit in or be what I am not
A year where I let my inner queen and inner king finally work in harmony (sacred union) and teach me further how to live, love and lead like a Goddessa and in.

In this video, I share my personal reasons for starting on my birthday committing to come to the Big birthday of next year with new experiences.

How do we want to do this?

I am asking this to my inner queen and inner king

Week #1 of My Goddessa Journey Log
It Is a week since my birthday and the start of my Goddessa Journey. A lot has happened and all that I have written in my traveling diary is gone.
I have lost my green writing book and all that was in it and it is devastating.
Still, I have many books and I also write on my phone so the first action I will do today is to gather all of my writing in one place and formulate some decisions.
I wanted to do this project with a different energy. No more kamikaze energy. I want to learn to work with my Inner queen and inner king together.
I want to make a decision on how I am going to do this project and listen to all parts of myself in order to bring myself to a higher frequency of being and a better coherence between my bring and my heart. So here it is the definition of my project is here.
How am I going to do this project?
I had many wishes, ideas, and possibilities when I started but this week I also realized that if I would do it with a lot of “Have to” I will make myself miserable. I need to find the natural flow.
I took this question and I presented it to my inner King and my Inner Queen as balancing those two polarities in myself was a challenge I become aware of for since… Read more 


Happy goddessa journey, Comfort zone, Did my comfort zone become my prison cell?

Week #2 of my Goddessa Journey log

Yes, I lived long enough and I dived deep enough to recognized I got tricked.
I tricked myself to believe that I can’t, I wouldn’t or shouldn’t.

This I know for sure: we can’t make our dreams come true with so much resistance.
The week 2 of my Goddessa Journey and I am realizing that I can’t go further without facing what I tried to avoid!!!!
I want things to change but I don’t want to change things around.
What a painful paradox.

So here comes the part I must be brave to admit. … Read More




Singing mantras For inner Peace

week #3 Goddessa JourneyWeek #3 in my Goddessa Journey log

After being aware of my comfort zone limitations last week, I took a step to share a new mantra I created for #InnerWorldPeace.
The wish to spread healing powers and inner peace in our world are taking flight.
More of us want to help ourselves, our families and our communities to choose love over fear.
Some of us are taking action. The basic action is to bring more light to our life, our bodies and let what we create shine from our hearts.

Thank you for your email and feedback ( also for those who didn’t manage to come live but sync with us)
We will continue doing this together, the next weeks.
In this video, we sing a powerful mantra to help us come to acceptance of what life is. To bring love to what is here and can’t be changed. From this acceptance, we can start to create peace.

The mantra I created uses 4 Hebrew words.
Shalem – complete
Mushlam- perfect
Kadosh – holy
Mekudash – sacred

In Kabbalah, we learn the powers of sound and of the letters to manifest healing and the world we live in. Sound Healing and YOUR personal voice is a very powerful instrument to change and empowerment.
Let the repeating mantra help you receive more and more light, to your mind, body, bones, and heart. Watch Video here