Get to know Your Four Voices


  • Weekend, full day or half day workshops.
  • For small or large groups.
  • Designed to help women de-stress, gain a deeper understanding of themselves, and explore techniques to help build emotional confidence.

The Voice Workshop has been perfected to deliver a unique experience for groups. Through special voice and body exercises, combined with Shamanic sound healing techniques we get to know ourselves better.
In this inspiring workshop, you learn how to relax and express yourself through the power of sound. By the end of the workshop, attendees will often experience the profound release of stress, deeper personal understanding, and learn new techniques that they can use at home or in the office.

You will learn how to:

  • Create peace in your body and mind
  • Let your emotional stress melt away and create breathing space
  • Strengthen energy around your health, mind and creativity
  • Build self confidence

In a full day workshop:

  1. We start with visualizing and emoting our desired goals
  2. We will design our own journey according to our specific wishes
  3. We will learn and experience a Shamanic activation of ourselves as an inner healer, an inner leader, an inner child, and an inner creator
  4. Achieve group development with the support of the collective power of the group
  5. We will focus on clearing shame, guilt, sadness, confusion, resentment, regret, and create space for miracles to happen
  6. We will learn meditation, singing and visualizing techniques.

Basic Four Voice Medicine

An emotional and mental detox workshop for stress reduction.

It is an intimate and powerful journey that lets us find and open our four voices to give us a direct result of change and reconnection.

With special voice and body exercises and shamanic Sound Journey, we would enter the places that need gentle loving clearing.

We will:

  • Create peace in our body and mind
  • Let our emotional pain melt and transmute to create breathing space
  • Strengthen life force energy around our health, mind clarity and creativity
  • Integrate new knowledge about who we are and our potential in our daily life
  • Build confidence in our being, in our core and in the world.

In a full day workshop:

We start the course with focusing our intention to the breakthrough we want to create. We will design our own journey according to our specific wishes.

We will learn and experience a Shamanic activation of our individual Life Shield – the inner healer, the inner leader, the inner child, and the inner creator.

Four Voice Medicine acts as a group healing that serves the individual with the support of the collective power of the group. We will focus on clearing shame, guilt, sadness, confusion, resentment and regret, and create space for miracles.

We will learn meditation, singing and visualizing techniques, and how to lead a conversation and negotiation with our sub personalities and shadows.

Four Voices: Vital Living training

How do we express our most natural self? How do we listen? How do we align body, mind, and voice? How does this help us to step boldly forward?

What is essential for every human, when it comes to living with passion and power? To me, that is to be connected. Connected with your body and in touch with all your senses. Connected with what you want to express with your voice.
Connected with others, being able to be in relationship.
Connected to your community and being able to contribute.
This small workshop week (re)connects you with these essential aspects, and strengthens you as a human being in this world.

It will be fun, it will be tough, it will be confronting and revealing. Many look for models and methods, but direct connection with these aspects is stronger than almost any method. It will bring you in touch with your intuition, purpose, gifts and senses. It will wake you up to what your life is about. Pure and simple.

This workshop is a gift, hosted by experts in body, voice, relationships, community and the creativity of the soul.

In the Four Voice day Journey you activate the four voices of Self – inner, physical, emotional and mental.

Four Voice Medicine! Breakthrough Weekend

During this intense yet satisfying weekend, we will be focusing on your main issues; taking a look deep inside…Through the different forms of expression, we will address issues such as creativity, relationships, leadership, work and more. You will learn how to achieve your personal and professional goals and say goodbye to shyness and insecurity!

This weekend will help you build your confidence and enjoy expressing your true self – singing, speaking, and telling stories, performing, presenting and more.

You will discover more about yourself as an individual; what you are really capable of being and achieving in your life! You can step outside your comfort zone and realize yourself! Let’s discover together your source of inner power, joy, passion, and creativity!

    The Weekend Includes:


    • How to recognize and maximize your voices, energy and brain power
    • A toolkit for personal self-expression and keys for listening and focusing.
    • The freedom to unleash your natural creativity and originality
    • A deep connection to your essential self and to others
    • Successful internal leadership and how to use it
    • How to keep perfect balance and energy flow between all that you are