“In seeking wisdom, the first stage is silence, the second listening, the third remembrance, the fourth practicing, the fifth teaching.”
Salomon Ibn Gvirol

being presentI love this quote, as I found it so be so true.
In our time most of us find it difficult to enter the first stage. We created a noisy world that missing silence. but if we ask, if we wish, we command, silence will come and we start the journey to wisdom.
I discover that saying NO to few things can help, make room for nothingness. From that nothingness comes silence, listening, and we are on the way to sharing wisdom.

Here more about this wise teacher

Solomon ibn Gabirol, also Solomon ben Judah, was an Andalusian Hebrew poet and Jewish philosopher with a Neoplatonic bent. He was born in Málaga about 1021 and is believed to have died around 1058 in Valencia.

Despite his very short life, Solomon ibn Gabirol won great fame during his own lifetime, and even more so after his death when his writings became more widely known.
Losing his parents at an early age, Solomon nevertheless continued his studies of the Talmud, in which he found his only solace. The young Solomon was an ardent scholar and became very proficient in the Hebrew as well as Arabic languages and grammar. He also studied astronomy, geometry, and philosophy: