Fertile Ground Studio

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Fertile Ground Studio

The Fertile Ground Studio and foundation is an initiative of Galitta.
She strongly believes that if we release the genius of the individual, society will benefit. The wellbeing of humanity begins with the individual spark and expands to the family and community. The mission of the Fertile Ground is to:

  • Support leaders, activists, artists and forward thinkers on their quest to empower themselves and their form of original contribution;
  • Stimulate wo/men and children in our community to acknowledge and ignite their creative genius;
  • Support and initiate projects of education and culture that manifest the uniqueness of wo/men and the needs of our community;
  • Broadcast in old and new media to share ideas and inspiration with other initiatives in the global community, to help the momentum of the new paradigm on earth.

Fertile Ground Alliance

One of the pillars of the Fertile Ground Studio is the Fertile Ground Alliance. The Alliance consists of the most interesting teachers, coaches, healers and artists. It is a partnership of ‘creative activists’ – spiritual, creative, social and intellectual leaders. Each Alliance member is responsible for his or her own project, practice or workshop, but is supported by the collective with emotional and business guidance.
Galitta created this Alliance to support self-minded people and to enhance success and social impact.

We understand that it is time to work together. To use our collective knowledge and wisdom is essential to our success as individual and as a community. By supporting, connecting and empowering each other, we create a tribe of wise wo/men sharing ideas, talents and facilities. After all, we are all on a mission to bring our world to a new level and we work, teach, inspire, heal and coach people to make that happen.

Studio address: 2e Oosterparkstraat 227

1092 BL Amsterdam