Femke IntreviewThis new season of Show Your Colors program includes a public interview by Femke Wijdekop on the Hero’s Journey with a special guest. ‘The Hero’s Journey’ is the inner journey every soul undertakes, beautifully described by mythologist Joseph Campbell in his book “The Hero with a Thousand Faces”

The path to finding your voice – and expressing it! – is the Hero’s Journey, filled with dragons to be slain, leaps of faith to be taken and loyal companions that can help you along the way.
Galitta Tassa will take the lead in telling us her Hero’s Journey, paving the way for many more interesting guests to come.

Interview 31 August 2013 at 20.00:
How Galitta found her voice – and how you can find yours.

Galitta Tassa embarked upon her Hero’s Journey as a young woman growing up in Israel. Her journey led her through the performance halls of Jerusalem, the dynamic Amsterdam music scene of the 1990s right into a dark night of the soul, out of which she emerged born anew. Now a singer and sound healer, Galitta found her true home in the Fertile Ground Studio, where she plants seeds for others to flower and self-express. Femke interviews Galitta about the thrills and challenges of her journey to find your voice. Galitta will share her most important insights and hard-earned lessons that will help us honor our own life story and sing our unique song.

You are welcome to this Show Your Voices! FREE event