My new year resolution is about everything I’m NOT going to do. not going to do this year.
I decided I’m NOT going to doubt my path anymore.
I am not going to question, doubt and doubt again about my life purpose, the road I took, or the path that I ‘m on. I know what I know and I trust and accept my path.

And I work with it. So no more doubt.


The second thing I’m NOT going to do is: I’m NOT going to judge myself harshly.
I’m not going to judge myself, I’m not going to judge what I have done what I didn’t do.
I am not going to judge, what I could do better or faster, what I did today or yesterday.

Not going to do that. No more Self- judgment.

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Instead, I’m going to support myself trust, myself, encourage myself, even compliment myself.
Why? because I’m working hard enough and fast enough. You too?
The third thing I’m NOT going to do is: live in stress.
Living in stress, running around like a headless chicken, cortisol going up crazy. No!
I ‘m going to keep my lovely Goddessa morning practice my yoga my breathing my singing my meditations, I’m going to do my work, do everything and to take a breath and rest.
Next, the thing I’m NOT going to let the madness of the world change me,
depress me,
make me angry or cruel to somebody else.
I’m not going to let the chaos get to me.
I want to stay a loving peaceful person. I want to spend my time, literally, sending the high vibration of love and healing and forgiveness to every person, animal and to places that I feel need it.
I don’t want to spend my time being sucked up into the chaos. I want to stay in the center and in connection to earth and universe, have my heart open for everyone.
What else I’m not going to do this year anymore?
I’m not going to be disappointed. I’m going to stay in appreciation to whatever I get, whatever life brings me. I am staying in appreciation state whatever happened, with whoever comes along.
I ‘m leaving the old story behind me.
I got just joy in this new chapter where I am who I am and I am what I want to be, being more loving, more creative, more sharing, more peace, more enthusiasm and more appreciation.
The last thing I’m NOT going to do is to them not going to waste my time on things that are not my purpose and passion.
I ‘m going to stay who I am I’m creating I’m going to publish this year.
I ‘m going to bring it all out!!!!!

The Queen Sheba book the illustrations, the Voice Medicine courses, the music. Everything I create has the right to exist and the right to be! I’m going to really enjoy that.


I hope you also have a list of NOT going to do and YES going to do, be or have.
Leave me a comment, I appreciate that, always.