DubtiMystic - Expanding Fields

dubtimystic“We are investigating the magic healing of music, dance trans,chants, focused intention and sound by mixing futuristic electronics and Mythological ancient prayers and instruments.

We believe that the union of male/female, heaven and earth is what brings healing and inspiration to a new earth.

We want to  taking it further with adding visuals that  match this energy of union, light and vision.

We are going to work with a visual artist to make the live show really exciting and we play the whole set in the healing frequency of 432Hz” read more

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla 

Leo melchertsDutch DJ Producer Leo Melcherts Jr. (True Identity) has always been a music man of many traits.While working as a freelance music producer for dance-events and tv-commercials, he also has 10 years of DJ experience under his belt performing at events such as Sensation VIP , Mysteryland and playing his music both nationally and internationally.

After being introduced into the world of shamans and Aya Huasca during a European tour of the Shipibo tribe from Peru, Leo got fascinated by their extraordinary knowledge of natural remedies, different worlds (dimensions) and their view on the human energetic system and the way it responds to frequencies (sound).

galittaGalitta Music PerformanceThe Jerusalem born Galitta Tassa explores the rhythms and chants from her Yemenite tribal heritage and combines them with her jazz and dance

As a performer Galitta uses music, shamanic ritual and entertainment to inspire cold audiences into participation, joy and collective healing.

Galitta is a prolific artist, a singer/songwriter and “Sound Priestess” with a passion for expression and voice.

She investigates the union point between masculine and feminine, east and west, astral and physical body, religion and spirituality, sound and silence, urban and tribal.

Expanding Fields EP is coming out November 6, 2014 !!

This revolutionary EP  is a celebration of the musical union between masculine and feminine universal forces, mixing futuristic electronics with Mythological ancient prayers and instruments.

All tracks are recorded in the healing frequency of 432Hz.

DubtiMystic is a collaboration between Dj/Producer and dance floor shaman Leo Melcherts Jr. and Singer/ songwriter/Sound Priestess Galitta Tassa,  who share the passion of the power of sound frequency and music to raise consciousness.

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