This morning, an artist friend came to visit me, while I am recovering. We talked about comedy, creativity, expression and healing pain through the arts and later I realized this.

I miss being with artists.

I believe most people have an artist in them.
Yesterday another friend, came to visit, and in my third eye, I could see her spirit screaming to her to spend less time at the office and make things with her hands. I told her that, and I struck a chord. When she left my sick bed, she was like a girl again.

I miss being with artists.

This last year I have been building the infrastructure of my business, after a million years of being with my very rational beloved. I become serious. I miss the artistic life I had before.
Every time my inner girl creates for fun, some marketing monster is jumping up saying: What is the purpose of this? Who is the target market?

Crazy, right?

I miss being with artists and I don’t mean the struggling ones.

I mean those people who are, like me, tuned into other dimensions, looking with eyes that see, and listening with inner ears to the harmonics of this life. Of being struck by ideas three times for the people who create, people who are busy with creation, people who love life, but also look at it from different angles.

People that can see the illusion and creates things, paintings, concepts, music, melodies, choreography, plays, movies, songs, and animations.

People who let us, the regular people, see the world in a different way.

I love artists.

I love creators.

I love people who make things.


I love those brave souls that are there to express their vision, their wish, their life into a three-dimensional form, we can all share.

I miss being with artists and I don’t mean the disappointed, raising an angry fist against the world, kind of artists.

I mean the artistic soul that most of the time you’ll meet in children and sometimes in brilliant older people who lived an original life and they know what it is all about.  These people who know something about creation and in one sentence, say something that makes you feel you are witness to a piece of art.

I miss being with artists.

I miss being with my family, who are mostly artists.

I  miss the archetype artists in the world. These days I would like to see the artistic power of every human come out to create, to examine, and to look beyond the illusion. Taking pride and joy in its own nature: seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary.

I miss the artistic spirit in everyday life.

I love the artistic spirit in life.

I honor the artistic spirit.

I love artists.

Are you an artist? Maybe a closeted artist? Will you let your artist- self-have one hour of expressive fun?

If yes, what would you choose to do?

If no? Why not?

What is the best day your inner artist can have? What will this magical day include?


Shall we put this beautiful image in the world?


I would love to hear from you. Write in the comments your wish and the Goddessa Kingdom will magically make that happen.

Will you?