I am a big believer in rituals, especially modern rituals that are born from the new emotional, spiritual and physical needs of our community.

After realizing that we don’t have to “through the baby with the bathwater” when we leave our religious structures behind, we now feel free to create new rituals.

Tonight at sunset and until tomorrow sunset is the day of Yom Kippur which is the holiest day in the Jewish calendar. It is a day of leaving material life behind and very intimately examining our lives and relationships.

We ask forgiveness from the people around us, for all the little irritations or insults we shared this year and we starting a new fresh chapter with everyone we know. We forgive and be forgiven.

Forgiven ourselves is a concept of the new time.
I was told by my mother and my beloved this week that is time for me to go deeper into self-forgiveness. VERY INTERESTING!

So today I will not answer my questions in writing. I will answer it with my family time, through meditation, and singing the old songs and connect to my tribe consciousness and send love in all directions.

The question for you is: 
What and about what do you need to forgive yourself?


The challenge question.

What do I intensely appreciate today?
What do I need to Intensely Accept about today?
Was I intensely honest about whom I am and was loyal to myself?
What I am intensely creating and do I share it?

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