m.greer queen of swards

The Ancient Leadership

Sometimes when I look at the state of affairs in the world, I wish I could give the world’s problems to the original women of my tribe.

They would clean the house in a way that immediately benefits everyone, is fair to all and practical too.

Their central question would be: “how can we create a bright future for our children, and use the resources and talents we have right now to support the immediate needs of all living beings?”

They would immediately sit it in a circle, and collectively draw conclusions on the desired direction, like a swarm of birds who are guided by the intelligence and instinct of everyone in the group.

They would also decide on actions – what needs to be eliminated, what needs to change location, what needs to be stimulated and what or who needs to be healed and in which way.

Then the women of my tribe would call for all in the tribe to awaken to the fact that considerable change is needed and ask us all to step up to our own leadership and responsibility.
In no time, the action plan would be implemented and tasks would be handed out.

When I look around to the leaders who absolutely and positively influenced my own life, I can see a strong connecting thread.

It doesn’t matter if they were world famous or had a role in my childhood school.
It doesn’t matter if they ruled countries or just influenced the daily life of my baby girl in the hospital. There is something that they all shared.

Firstly, they impacted my life in a positive way because they used their brain power and talents to advance their field or profession to include care.
Secondly, they all operated out of both a passion of the heart and a vision of the mind.
Thirdly, they always worked, created or managed out of a sense of service, a service to a greater purpose.

Inner and Outer Command

They all had, what I call, an inner command; a rich, sometimes vast, consciousness, a self-knowledge that covered all aspects of their being.
All leaders clearly had a conscious understanding of life, education, people, physiology, they had tools and knowledge, but above all, they had an inner wisdom about who they are and what they had come here to manifest.

They all had an understanding of the origin of their own desire and compassion for their own shortcomings and fears. That made them complete, wholehearted persons and therefore truly great.

All those amazing leaders I ever met, worked with, learned about or just observed from a distance, were on a path to fulfill their full potential.
They sharpened their outer command in the world and deepened their inner command of themselves.

Of course, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi are the shining examples of that, but most of the leaders I experienced were women who never stood in the limelight.

Like the original women of my tribe, and inspired by teachers and leaders, I too believe that the principles of compassion, collaboration and community are needed to balance our world again.

For that to happen we need to use both sides of our brain – the left, analytical, knowledge-based side, and the right, intuitive, creative and wisdom-based side.

By activating the mind and the heart, personally and collectively, we evolve.
We all can contribute by uplifting the quality of our thoughts and intentions, and realize that we have the power to navigate together to a higher plain.

We all can help pave the way for a better future, with all that we already have and with all that we are.