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Week #2 of my Goddessa Journey

Yes, I lived long enough and I dived deep enough to recognized I got tricked.
I tricked myself to believe that I can’t, I wouldn’t or shouldn’t.

This I know for sure: we can’t make our dreams come true with so much resistance.
The week 2 of my Goddessa Journey and I am realizing that I can’t go further without facing what I tried to avoid!!!!
I want things to change but I don’t want to change things around.
What a painful paradox.

So here comes the part I must be brave to admit.
I found this week the key to my unhappiness is the root of two harmful believes: “I can’t handle the world” and I can’t count on anybody”. I can trace where these words started to whisper in my head and how I slowly handcuffed  myself away from my natural happiness: being fully part of a community, with trust and sharing.

When the only way for us to grow is to come out of our comfort zone but we don’t or can’t do it: we feel stuck.
When we don’t want to acknowledge shadows of fear, doubt, and self-blame we stay in our bubble of denial and then we feel stuck.
Where we feel stuck is also where we have the most resistance.
That is a law.
I invite you to look at yourself and see where it applies.
The question Is: When did our comfort zone become a little prison cell?

I know a talented and hardworking man who believes “I can’t earn more”
I know a beautiful curvy woman who believes “I am not worthy of true love”
He still works in the place where he is underappreciated, and he is afraid to change.
She still has short and disappointing affairs and afraid to change.
It really hurts me to see beautiful beings not getting what they deserve from life, but they are the only one who can come out of their prison cell.

I better take care of my own limiting beliefs.
I do have a secret weapon to deal with this whispers, that drips poison in my mind.
It starts with a thought, that turns to believe and become a conviction.
My secret weapon started when I wrote a tale about Queen Sheba, and a destructive power called Amout entered my story and did all it can to stop my heroin achieve her majestic destination.
Since then I used Amout and what I learned about her to help myself and other people to master our thoughts, to become aware of mental traps and constrictions that are killing joy and prosperity.

shadows, healing, happiness. How to work with your shadow? Who is Amout?
It is another name to our egoic mind, but let me tell it to you in a way that will help you to liberate yourself, if you need.

There is a force I call Amout.
From the moment we enter this dimension reality of life on earth, Amout will try to keep you confined in fear, it wants you to stay, small and ignorant.
Yung called it ego mind, in Kabbala, it is called The opponent or Satan, Christians call it the devil.
All ancient wisdom recognized it as the force we need to overcome in order to live in the light and enjoy the earth blessing of joy, manifestation, pleasure with all of our senses.
We can’t be angry with Amout because she does her job, giving us the duality to grow in heart, mind, body, and spirit. ( if you remember, this why we choose this lovely planet).

It is a privilege to have a body, to live on earth at this time and to bring more of our soul essence to life while we are living in the body and in the present moment.
Still, many life experiences can really suck. I am the first to admit that.

In our personal life, we need to find a way to deal with our shadows and I can save you years of searching by telling you the simple truth.
Happiness is not possible without your soul getting what it wants out of life.
When your soul feels that your personality is refusing to listen it starts to retreat from places in your body creating dis-ease and retreat from your heart and joy cannot be present.
The Soul wants us to awake to joy and love, the Soul wants the personality to embody it divine nature.

What does that mean for me and my week (painful) discovery?
If Amout is telling me for years, that I can’t handle the world and I can’t count on anybody and I believe it, then I am stuck.
If my destiny is to bring something to the world and count on my team and people to support me but I can’t do it because I am afraid, I am stuck.
If I am a person who loves community but I believe that I can’t handle it,  and can’t count on people, I am stuck.

together hands, So what will I do?

Let’s do it together.
The most common and most painful trap of Amout is to make us believe that we are “not good enough”? Where in your life do you find this belief? In the way, you treat your body? In your marriage? In your Job?

This is what I would like you and me to do. We are going to work with shadows, I know from experience that it works.

1) Let’s look at it straight in the face:

When you hear or feel those words, Not enough, can’t handle, too fat… it is abstract. We feel powerless and we believe it is real. It hides in the shadows.
I will like us to imagine that this cold statement comes from a very ugly dirty monster with bad teeth. Yes, let’s use our imagination to make her a character we can talk, argue and negotiate with. Why? It will help us look at the shadow, bad breath, and everything.
It is easier when we give it form.

2) Let’s Become aware:

The fact that we are aware of the presence of Amout, already give us an advantage. The negative voice of “not enough”, for example, is a really nasty one and we must remember that every person suffers from it.
Amout mission is to make us feel small so we will not try to spread our wings and be our full self. But don’t be angry with her. Just become aware.
Because arguing with reality is a waste of time and resources.
Amout is in our life to awaken our innate power to say YES,  I CAN YES, I AM WORTHY! and to awaken to reality.
Amout existence is actually a gift (not a fun one sometimes, but nevertheless)
In a world of duality, we need this position and restriction to discover how to bring our personal power out.

3) Let’s Forgive ourselves:

Next time we think or feel “not enough” or “not worthy”(there will always be a next time), remember that is not who you really are. Amout is part of us so we must forgive ourselves.
Our opponent is coming to train our worthiness muscles, forcing us to go out of our comfort zone and examine the truth. The truth that only love and self -forgiveness can really set us free.

4) Let’s Get excited:

Closer we come to fulfill our life mission the more Amout will come and visit, challenge and bother. The bigger our potential, more often Amout will through us fear curveballs.

The more we recognize her and remember it is not true and it is our shadow, the stronger we become and her voice becomes weaker.

You can do this, a thought at a time.

Take out your creative powers to show more of who you are: that is how YOU bring light to the planet. The role of Amout is to make you hide and you can say No to her every time you realize she is the one that is saying those horrible thoughts.

When we don’t challenge ourselves or Amout, we are clinging to our comfort zone and staying in what feels safe or familiar, that is when it turns out to be our prisons.
That is why change is scary but absolutely liberating.

I wish us all to win this challenge and to dare to be more in the world. Let’s see what the next week will bring.