Can I accept where I am?
Can you accept where you are?
Can we accept the process we are in?
Can we let ourselves melt and sink into this present moment and accept it as it is?
Are we free to do that?

How much space is being created with that kind of an acceptance?

I breathe and then breathe again.
Just enjoy the luxury of taking the space to breathe.
Can I sink in the reality of my life?

Accepting this moment as it is, not because it’s perfect

not because it’s all my dreams come true,
not because it’s good or funny or complete
but just because it is.

This place of accepting everything as it is.

It’s spacious.
And with this space that is being created, I invite the new to come in.
Invite the light that wants to come in.
Expand the space and let the highest intelligent of creation
Fill it up with the highest and best for me and everyone.

What does it take to breathe and breath again with no worry
To deeply be present just because it’s enjoyable?

Is it a luxury to allow the space to be expanding beyond this time and space?
Allowing this energy of inspiration? This unknown, unpredicted but loving sensation to come in to this new space I create.
What will be created if I let myself accept where I am? Allow what wants to come in to come in?

I allow this process of birth to happen as it is designed, for the highest and best of me and everyone involved. This allows:










Accepting as it is