My creative animal is getting restless but hopeful.

For years she was an obsessive creature, that was super productive but a bit misguided.
But last months I caged her, yes, I locked the door and said in a soft voice “you will wait here quiet until I will come to pick you up. OK?”
I know it sounds cruel but I needed to do that while I was restructuring and transforming how my inner world and my inner queen is relating to the outside world in my inner king.

Lately, I am visiting my creative wild animal more often.
“The time is coming,” I tell her with excitement “we will be able to run free around the world over mountain valleys, lakes and oceans”.
She looks at me surprised and hopefully says “really?”
“I didn’t do anything wrong?” She whispers
“No, no,” I say, and my eyes get full of water.
“You didn’t do anything wrong”.

When I look at what is coming in my life, I’m amazed to realize that all that I envisioned is coming to life.
Lately, I am getting scared.

Scared to dream big and fall on my face.
Scared to hope and be knocked down, again.
Scared to be “too much” and be put down, again.
Scared to feel ashamed again for my power or for my desire to bring light.

The vision I received 21 years ago is coming to life.
I cannot believe it.
I can see it clearer, with all of its complexity and ridiculous size and ambition.

Am I ready for it to be born?
It wants to be born.

Back then, I thought I was crazy, but now I see it’s already manifesting.
Then I believed I didn’t deserve, to wish it.
Now, I see my right to my duty is to make it happen.

This week when I felt nervous about what I am creating:  a project with a show, music album, a book and teaching a method that I developed, I felt scared again.
Then I trusted the guidance of my soul family and they said, “Build It and They Will Come”.
Wow. Who said that?  I have been hearing this the whole week.
Yesterday I talked to a woman who’s going to help me with building it. I meet more people. Something is activated. I am learning to trust divine timing.

I now sit by the cage of my creative animal.
“I think the time is coming,” I told her with a smile.”All that you have madly created finally makes sense”

She looks at me and says, “I can’t wait to run free again and roam the open fields, fly and dance”.
Her big eyes are shining and she smiles with a mouth full of funny-looking teeth.

Build it and they will come!
Who said that?  I wonder
Must be a smart Greek philosopher like Socrates or some otherwise sage from an ancient culture.
I sat down and researched that and this is what I discovered: it is a sentence from an American movie called “Field of Dreams”, the main character hears this guidance: Build it and he will come, about his dream of a baseball field. Somehow this phrase took a life of its own, in our collective consciousness and became Build It and They Will Come. Interesting.
Build it and they will become fields of dreams.

We all have that dream to build something.
We all get a vision that our heart is aching to manifest.
A happy home with a garden and a happier relationship, with enough space and light.
Traveling safely to exotic places with a nice partner.
Publishing a book to an excited audience?

We all meet a vision that comes to show us the infinite possibilities. That is pure creativity.
Sometimes we get a miraculous, magnificent vision and we are afraid to look at it straight in the eyes and let us come into our body, our heart, our life, and manifest it.

What is your field of dreams?
What is the vision that makes your heart sing and your whole energy opens up to the stars?
What will happen if you allow yourself to breathe while looking at the magnificence of this vision and enjoy the singing of your heart and the dancing of your spirit?
What will happen if you will allow your own creative animal to go and dance in your own magical field of dreams?
Build it and they will come, whatever it is.

Start with a vision,  build it and it will come true.