Galitta Happy GoddesssaI feel inspired to be a Happy Goddessa, which to me is a state of well being, health in body, mind, heart and spirit, balance between the outside challenges/action/success/work/ relationships and in the inner world/ inner peace/ space in the head/ creativity/ heart connection/ nature and general love to life.

Is it possible? YES it is, but not al the time.
Sometime I lose it but sometimes I am a smiley Happy Goddessa and “sometimes” is better then nothing and you can expand it to “most of the time”. That is how I see myself growing old… it total content.

Why is it important? when our cup is full it is easy to be a force of good in the world, to be kind and generate goodness and inspiration.
That is why I would like to have more of us getting inspired together to Taking the Journey and becoming our unique version of HAPPY GODDESSSA’S.

On 10 november, I’ll be doing a small ritual of planting the seed, so we can start to build the vision. You are welcome to come to Fertile Ground Studio.