Take the Journey video animationDays 90-91 of my 108 days Journey challenge to intensely appreciate life.

What do I intensely appreciate this weekend?

I am so appreciative that after a long journey I have arrived in the same place I have started. I am staying in Jerusalem where my journey on earth has started and where I  ended my life in Israel just before I left to live in Europe.
Most of the 25 years away from here, I emotionally divorced Jerusalem.
I had it with all craziness and struggles and loved the free city of Amsterdam.
I left the mountains for a flat landscape.
I changed the bus to a bike and the family/community/tribe to a life of personal expression and individual freedom.

In my long journey away from home, I learned much deeper who I am and what I am not and my art and work lead me to serve the Divine Feminine and find its voice, in myself and others.
I found my huge love for humanity and the tools to liberate voices, hearts, and mind.
I found my own voice in Amsterdam.
I was Galitta in Amsterdam, not “The daughter of… ” or 5 other labels I carried, without choosing, from birth.

I could be my self, in one way in Amsterdam and I find the connection to where I am from and the essence of myself, that comes from in Jerusalem.
I didn’t realize that until lately.
The way of the Shechina, the divine feminine aspect of creation, is everything I do and have done; music, dance, heart connection, travel in the unconsciousness.

The ancient wise teachers tell us that Jerusalem is the place where the Divine Feminine is buried and when she will come back up again the age of heaven on earth will come back to earth. The magical scared geometry of the mother is said to be just under the where the temple of Solomon was.

I intensely appreciate all the amazing cities we know and enjoy, to the people who live there and the ancestors who brought us forward.
I intensely appreciate completing a cycle of life.

What do I need to intensely accept about today?

Cheap air travel can be a challenge, but I accepted and was actually grateful.

Have I done my Meditation today?

I am traveling, no privacy or time alone. I will do just before I sleep… with joy.

What have I learned today?

In this times when the world seems to be crazy and wild, we need to LOVE more, love deeply, share love more openly, be grateful to the love we already have and generate love around us.

A question to you: Did you experience coming to the beginning place of something and watch the journey that brought you to where you are? when was that? how did you feel about completion? 

The challenge questions are:
Try it for 7 days :-)

What do I intensely appreciate today?
What do I need to intensely accept about today?
Am I intensely loyal to myself?or 
Have I done my Meditation today?
What have I learned today?