Day 21 of my 108 days Journey challenge to intensely appreciate life.

What do I intensely appreciate today?

I intensely appreciate my voice, my children sweet voices, the voice of many singers and speakers I love and respect.

I intensely appreciate the freedom we have to voice our opinion as free people, especially as a woman on this planet.

I feel so lucky to live in a society where I can use my voice to speak my mind, my heart and sing if I feel like it.

I intensely appreciate the fact that I help people find their voices. It is like helping someone connect to part of their soul. I am so honored to do this work.

I intensely appreciate that working with so many different people just increase the amount of love I carry to humanity. I can not ignore the beauty of people when their share they true self through voice and that is a joyful blessing.

When people make a connection with their inner voice, that is when I feel so lucky. When I see how their perspective about who they are is growing; I truly enjoy myself.

Since lately, the balance between, how much I use my voice as an artist and how much I teach or heal others, is in balance: and for that, I am so grateful!!

I could never choose. now I don’t have too.

I intensely appreciate my destiny to use myself, my body, my voice, my family line, my soul essence, my life to heal, entertain and educate.
I intensely appreciate the fact that I found this unique matrix of joy and satisfaction.

I intensely appreciate my vision to have many voices singing the ONE humanity song of unconditional love for everyone.
Not everybody can see this crazy vision, but I also know I am not the only one, who share this dream.

I am grateful, I am grateful to have a voice and share it with other sister/brother voices. Ki Yehi Ratson (and so it shall be)

What do I need to Intensely Accept about today?

I accept that sometimes it is not about the vision for humanity, Sometimes I just need to clean the bathroom and make some soup 🙂

Am I intensely loyal to myself?

Yes, thank you for asking…

What have I learned today?

I feel that space, that was created in the last healing session I had, can be filled with new energies and colors and that I can take an active role in what kind of energies and colors I put into my space.


The challenge questions are: Try it for 7 days :-)

What do I intensely appreciate today?

What do I need to Intensely Accept about today?

Am I intensely loyal to myself?

What have I learned today?

Question to You: 

What do you most enjoy about your voice?