My Philosophy Fe/maleness

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12-star-YIQ-halfOur  universe is a balance of masculine and feminine energy and so are we. We need both side of the brain to be well developed and deep connection to both universe and earth. Awareness of this yin/ yang balance in our body, heart, spirit and mind maximizes our health and success in ourselves, our relationships and hopefully our world.

This I call Fe/maleness.

Fe/maleness is: 

  • The Queen to the King,
  • The Yin to the Yang,
  • The Moon to the Sun,
  • The Water to the Fire,
  • The Night To the Day,
  • The Unconscious to the Conscious,
  • The Inward to the Outward,
  • The Being to the Doing,
  • The Receptive to the active,
  • The Earth to the Universe,
  • The Long term to Short term
  • The Woman to the Man.


Fe/malenessFe/maleness is what I call consciousness to the feminine and its contribution for new and balanced society.

I see Fe/maleness as the next stage of liberation, related to emotional and physiological levels.

Fe/maleness starts as an individual journey for inner liberation that eventually extends to the collective healing of the feminine soul.

A Fe/maleness goal would be not only to have more educated women in influential positions in politics, medicine, etc, but also to have these women operate out of their feminine knowledge and wisdom.

Fe/maleness celebrates the differences between the masculinity and femininity in order to benefit and elevate our communities.

womanhoodBy combining efforts between Feminism and Fe/maleness, we increase the chance of true liberation for all humanity and bring forward healing and further spiritual growth.

We, the Fe/maleness generation, must know and respect the fact that women’s evolution is vital for our world, and that our individual feminine input is crucial to it’s success.

We must humbly recognize that bringing feminine values to what we do, personally and professionally, can have great and positive impact in raising collective human evolution to new heights.

Our collective womanhood is larger than any other collective group of race, religion or culture – with it’s own history, inherited trauma and unique talent.

The Femaleness JourneyThe Fe/maleness journey returns us to our individual selves. It makes us discover how our collective history of persecution and neglect manifests itself in our personal lives.

We learn to look with new awareness at our daily lives, at our choices, and at our relationships with our bodies, with our partners, with our creativity and sexuality, to relationships with other women and our own children.

Our search for inner freedom takes us through the investigation of our personal challenges in the world. It takes us from ourselves to the nuclear family we grew up in, to our extended family, where our parents shaped their own selves, to the culture from which we got our values and set of beliefs.

relationshipIt will expose us to the gifts and poison we inherited, and will help us enter this age with consciousness.

After proving ourselves to be smart, independent and capable, our creativity and femininity flowers under the blue sky and our hidden talents raise their heads.

If we dare to take the road of woman’s evolution, we not only create health in our bodies and healing in our lives, we also let a new type of woman emerge.

We are at peace with what we naturally are, what we are capable of as individuals and as a force of life. We feel improvement in our relationships with every living things.

Galitta's FamilyOur relationships with men enter a new level of spiritual connection.

After exploring each other’s roles, we go back to our power-centers with renewed appreciation of our opposites and with new opportunity to explore ourselves.

I believe that this Fe/maleness age will lead us to matriarchal-based societies.

The complementing forces of the Masculine and Feminine will be free to be what they are, and help men and women evolve and truly use their full potential.