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About Galitta

Hi, I Galitta Yemeni timeam Galitta, I am a Happiness Priestess that create, teach and performs everything under the sun to help us remember our authentic voice.

I started my business and art, young and strong but then I crashed and lost my voice, my power and my joy for many years.

Investigating what are the pitfalls and how we stay connected to our eternal strength and happiness become my passion. Now I come full circle with the Happy Goddessa, uniting the colors of the creative industry and depth of personal growth to ignite change and empowerment. I now balance and grow my business, my creations, my music and my own happy family.


Who is she?

Galitta is a prolific artist, a singer/songwriter, speaker, storyteller, illustrator, performer, sound healer and Happiness Priestess with a passion for expression and voice. She investigates the union point between masculine and feminine, east and west, astral and physical body, religion and spirituality, sound and silence, urban and tribal.

Galitta is the Originator of the Happy Goddessa Guide and the Founder of Fertile Ground Studio In Amsterdam (2009-2014). Happy Goddessa was launch in 2015.

As a singer/songwriter Galitta explores the rhythms and chants from her Yemenite tribal heritage and combines them with her jazz and entertainment background to create her very own music and performing style.

As a vocalist Galitta likes to create songs on the moment. In her music project “The Thirteen”, she recorded a whole CD based on the philosophy that every moment, every intention contains its own music and sound. The role of the vocalist is to give it a form in sound that inspires and entertains.

As a performer and energizer Galitta uses music, rhythm and storytelling to entertain cold audiences into participation and engagement. With her interactive events, shows and training she mobilizes audiences to become connected and energized.

As a Healer Galitta is a certified practitioner of Theta healing and Re-connective healing and practice since 2000 the Sound Healing and Shamanism. The Goddessa journey to Happiness is based on the Four Voices self expression and healing method  she developed and work with since 2006.

“I believe every person has a special genius that has the right and duty to be expressed and add color to our world.I believe we are everything, and that exploring our strength, talents and shadows makes us better people and better societies”.

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