Isn’t it time for us to have more luck in our life?
Didn’t we suffer enough?!! 🙂
Didn’t we work hard?
Didn’t we do our work of going through the pain, the lessons?
We were so brave? giving? transforming?

Well, June is HERE! And this is our intention!!

In the Goddessa journey, the month of June is the month of grounding and the season of spring is of fire, passion and a new beginning. This year, June is also about awakening luck.
So, I think, it’s time to put the fire under some luck and flow.
Ready to become happier luckier?

Can we?

Yes, we can become a luckier person, because what we call “Luck” is actually a frequency and a flow that a result of a steady state of mind.
Luck is not a random thing, actually, you command that with the power of your mind and heart.

In this video, I share 3 simple tips to start to move ourselves to the right frequency and invite more lucky circumstance, people and opportunities to come us?